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Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

NWO is a (Casual) "Street Gang" themed Criminal Organization in APB on the LaRocha server. Though competition/RP/etc is not discouraged and maybe even supported by some, there is no pressure to do anything but rock the clan colors (Black, Red, and White) and have fun!!! We encourage our members to socialize and be friends with one another and become one big happy (dysfunctional) family. A sense of humor is a must, but know how to be respectful and we guarantee a good time!


We only have a couple of requirements:
1. Use Teamspeak (a must for successful grouping and good socialization)
2. Represent the clan (throw our logo on clothes, vehicles, and etc and wear our colors)
3. Be active as possible (there is no required time frame, just try and be as active as you can)


We aim to be the biggest clan and baddest mofo's the Enforcers and opposing clans will have to face...NWO will be the most notorious crew running the Streets of San Paro...

Open-enrollment has ended, but we are always recruiting. We are looking for fun, mature people who can have a good time, group up and take out Enforcer scum!!! If interested, please apply and/or post on our forums!!!

NOTE - Webpage is still under construction, please feel free to visit the forums in the mean time!!!

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

fallenvirtues, Jul 3, 10 6:13 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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